New #HTML5 game: 1001 Arabian Nights 2

We want to announce our latest HTML5 game developed for our partner Spil Games: 1001 Arabian Nights 2.

It has been a few months of work but the final result is an awesome game that works great on Internet Explorer (10-11), Firefox, Chorme, Safari, iOS and Android. We are very proud of the result and look forward to create more HTML5 games for our partners!

Enjoy the game!

Screen Shot 2014-02-28 at 11.28.05

Screen Shot 2014-02-28 at 11.27.29 Screen Shot 2014-02-28 at 11.27.17


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    Best Business Strategy Game 2013

    Bonds Training a game developed by Blinzy Studios for Bankinter has been selected as the Best Business Strategy Serious Game at Fun & Serious Games Festival.

    Press release

    Bonds Training

    This game developed by Bankinter shows how fixed-income securities work and how to make a good, or bad, investment in a recreational way.

    Players have €100,000 to invest in corporate bonds, from utilities to cement plants, airlines or highway operators in five years (ten turns).

    The game, which uses stock market concepts in simple ways, can be played online competing against other investors in real time.

    The judges considered it to be an excellent marketing strategy tool, improving brand image and achieving customer loyalty in the banking sector. 





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      Fantasymals 1.5: legendary monsters and quests

      Fantasymals logo

      Hi There, a new version of Fantasymals is coming! New version will be available in 2 weeks. New features of the game:

      • New quest and adventure system: make your Fantasymals explore the world. They’ll return with treasure and new monsters for your collection!
      • The first four monsters in the new special Legendary Fantasymals collection.


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        Fantasymals – iOS

        Fantasymals logo

        Fantasymals is now available for download at Apple Store as universal binary. Enjoy the stunning graphics on all retina display!

        The game is available in 8 languages: Korean, Traditional Chinese (we will add Simplified Chinese soon), Japanese, German, Portuguese (Brazil), English, Spanish and Catalan.

        We are developing the new gaming mode where you will be able to battle other monsters, and evolve your Fantasymals (and more monsters and collections will be added!)

        Stay tuned and don’t forget to download the game, its FREE!


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          Petogotchi 1.0 news

          Petogtochi Logo

          Hi everyone, we have been very busy last few weeks working on Petogotchi’s final release. An now, development is finished!

          We’ve got two great months of Beta testing with a lot of players from Spain and Latin American countries heavily testing the game, and we really thank them for their support!


          As you can see, Petogotchi’s logo has ben improved and the game itself got a major user interface update. Release version has graphics 4 times bigger and better than Beta version, and we also have be able to downsize Android package 2 Mb. So, 4 times better graphics with less space: amazing! we also improved stability and performance.

          We want to announce the game will be available to iOS and Amazon Kindle Fire. We have been working hard to release the game on all three major platforms from day one.

          And the big news: the game will be published by a new publisher. This publisher has a great network with more than 200 million/monthly players around the world. We are really happy to find such a partner who loves the game as we do.

          Petogotchi’s release will be announced soon. You will be able to play the game in a few weeks. Dont forget to visit our blog weekly in order to get our latest news.

          See you soon!

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